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won more than 500 local and international awards.
Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) member.
also known as "anothermountainman", in the art scene running over 100 shows local & overseas, representing Hong Kong for 2005 Venice Art Biennial.

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a life of love / 久愛一生

project description

“Letter” is a way of communication, a media to pass on feelings between human-kind. Now a day, technology replaces the way we used to communicate, pen and letter become obsolete. There are less personal interactions. Exception interprets New Vintage through “Letter”, to arouse our love hidden inside our heart.

“a life of love” catalogue was designed with a series of “letter”, it illustrates the four kind of
love in human relationship: Father/ First love/ Marriage and Family.
“Letter” is hand-written. It is a metaphor of direct and simple relationship in mankind which is
neglected in our society due to life occupied by work, technology and social network.
“Letter” keeps our message and love forever. Every time we open a letter, we found love and
memory. It’s functionary could never be replaced by technology.
“a life of love” catalogue hope to awaken our love, a simple pile of letters give us a personal
and humanity connection. It is our most treasured possessions.


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  • 2012 / dfaa / publication / bronze
  • 2011 / hkda global design awards / assorted promotional iteam / silver