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won more than 500 local and international awards.
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also known as "anothermountainman", in the art scene running over 100 shows local & overseas, representing Hong Kong for 2005 Venice Art Biennial.

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SY Land/Upperhills branding

project description

brand position of upperhills is unlike the usual & common property investor in which heading towards western & luxury, materialistic approach, upperhills is taking emotional & spiritual approach to inspire Chinese consumers.

upperhills is a total living compound set in china shenzhen including residential, retails, business, hotel, design & art. given the world class town planning and architectural design, worked very close with client,we left behind the usual routes for property brand building direction(western life style, materialistic enjoyment ), we breakthrough the norm, go for spiritual and inner value of people, consider it is the most important phenomenon and inspirations of our life, the turning point for now china, or even the whole world.


Shum Yip Land Company Limited


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