specialized in brand consulting, graphic design, cultural promotion, photography, advertising and multi-media communications.
won more than 500 local and international awards.
Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) member.
also known as "anothermountainman", in the art scene running over 100 shows local & overseas, representing Hong Kong for 2005 Venice Art Biennial.

Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI)成員。

  • buddhist chants in scent and light / 香光念佛
  • tian tian xiang shang / 天天向上
  • one hundred years of chinese railway architecture / 中國火車建築一百年
  • one hundred years of solitude 10.0 / cultural revolution
  • Ink Design Living
  • the forbidden city / 大紫禁城
  • book of ghost / 錄鬼簿